Quick Film Guide: B for Boy (Chika Anadu, 2013)

B for Boy
Directed by: Chika Anadu

Chika Anadu’s debut feature film is an exploration of the dark side of African cultural and religious heritage on women. Set in modern-day Nigeria, the film is about a woman approaching her 40th birthday who is moved to take desperate measures by her family exerting enormous pressures on her to have a child.

B for Boy is part of a modern wave of African movies shining a light on rarely discussed topics. It is also far from the popular Nigerian cinema of Nollywood; it is a more focused contemporary drama with a ponderous pace and carefully restrained performances by its cast. As a result, it speaks as much to a domestic audience as it does an international one. Indeed, the film was a prominent presence on the international film festival circuit in 2013.

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