Quick Film Guide: B for Boy (Chika Anadu, 2013)

B for Boy
Directed by: Chika Anadu

Chika Anadu’s debut feature film is an exploration of the dark side of African cultural and religious heritage on women. Set in modern day Nigeria, the film is about a woman approaching her 40th birthday who is moved to take desperate measures by her family exerting enormous pressures on her to have a child.

B for Boy is part of a modern wave of African movies shining a light on rarely discussed topics. It is also far from the popular Nigerian cinema of Nollywood; it is a more focused contemporary drama with a ponderous pace and carefully restrained performances by its cast. As a result, it speaks as much to a domestic audience as it does an international one. Indeed, the film was prominent presence on the international film festival circuit in 2013.

Written by Matt Micucci

I'm an international journalist, reporter, website editor and content creator. I actively work for JAZZIZ Magazine and FRED Film Radio, collaborate with other websites and curate my own projects, including IN ARTE MATT and CineCola. I have also curated and produced my series of films in Galway, Ireland, and photo exhibition and arts events in various European countries. I have a working class background and have and have a postgrad degree in Film Theory + a BA in Film & TV.

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