Song of the Day: Azymuth, “Juntos Mais Uma Vez” (1973-75)

Brazilian jazz fusion giants Azymuth were known for blending jazz and funk with the infectious sounds of their native country. They gained widespread notoriety in 1975 when they released their self-titled album debut. However, for almost a decade prior to this release, they had played together backing several artists, including Marcos Valle, Ana Mazzotti and countless others.

Between these projects, band members Jose Roberto Bertrami (keyboards), Ivan Conti (drums), Alex Malheiros (bass) and Ariovaldo Contesini (percussions) recorded their own music in Bertrami’s own home studio. Many of the songs they recorded during 1973 will be released for the first time via Far Out Recordings in a 2xLP set due out on May 31.

This early recording of “Juntos Mais Uma Vez” is among the tracks to be featured on this recording. A beautiful expressive instrumental is a track that is not only full of the anticipative excitement of what was to come next for the band but also showcases a fully formed, tight-knit organic unit with a lot of soul.

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