Song of the Day: U.S. Girls, “Window Shades” (2015)

Meg Remy, a.k.a. U.S. Girls, made arguably the most striking breakup anthem of the 2010s. Built around a sample of Gloria Ann Taylor’s disco cut “Love Is a Hurting Thing” and produced by Massive Attack, “Window Shades” is introduced by the ultra-relatable line “I won’t think about you every time I hear that tune.”

Like many of her best songs, “Window Shades” is defined by diamond-cut melodies and avant-garde sensibilities. This often purposefully comes at the expense of pop music catchiness.

So, while the lyrics describe the protagonist’s supposed emotional breakthrough, the sensual, endlessly looping music represents the hopelessly vicious heartbreak of the moment in which she is psychotically stuck.

U.S. Girls makes music for women about female empowerment that draws from the golden oldies, exposing the truths of their dreamy, saccharine romanticism to reveal truths buried deep within them. Yet, the universality of her songs ultimately offers comfort and understanding for any listener, regardless of sex or gender.

“Better call that number twice hoping you’d pick up this time / I haven’t spoken with you for awhile and now baby / Just apologize. Take a moment to recognize / That’s me on the other end, still waiting.”

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