Quick Film Guide: Me and You and Everyone We Know (Miranda July, 2005)

Me and You and Everyone We Know
Directed by Miranda July

Miranda July’s delightful comedy Me and You and Everyone We Know is the story of Christine, an offbeat performance artist whose blend of mixture and fragility represents the tone and charm of the entire film. She falls in love with a divorcing department store named Richard, and in one of our first encounters with him, he lights his hand on fire, later explaining that he did it to try to save his life.

Through Christine, Richard and Richard’s two young sons, Peter and Robbie, we meet other characters whose own stories expand on the theme of connection that appears to hold the film together. Me and You and Everyone We Know, in fact, explores this theme and suggests possible answers to the question of why we know or choose to have a relationship with, the people we know.

While the movie is carried by a deceitfully breezy sense of humor, it explores dark territories and goes down a rabbit hole of hidden human desires. In retrospect, it is also a priceless snapshot of its times: a post-9/11 world awakening to the possibilities of connection opened by the nascent internet culture, best explored in one of the best subplots portraying Peter and Robbie’s own sex chat escapades.

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