Quick Film Guide – Light Thereafter (Konstantin Bojanov, 2017)

Light Thereafter
Directed by Konstantin Bojanov
Bulgaria, Belgium

Konstantin Bojanov’s film, Light Thereafter, is a coming-of-age drama about an autistic 16-year-old kid, Pavel (Barry Keoghan) who travels from London to France to meet his hero, the famous painter Arnaud (Kim Bodnia).

The movie follows a road movie structure and focuses on the experiences Pavel makes along the way. It also moves backward, via a series of chapters. This is a device that encourages a more contemplative interaction with the spectator and a different way to ponder on the film’s many themes, including musings on art, nationality, identity, sexuality, family, culture, etc.

The autistic card is never overplayed, much to the credit of Keoghan. Nevertheless, it is another device that distinguishes Light Thereafter from similar movies; his dominating perspective offers a fresh perspective on the world, contemplated by Nenad Boroevich’s polished and empathetic cinematography.

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