VIDEO: Matt’s Long Take #2: Cinema New Horizons, Wroclaw, Poland

I first visited Cinema New Horizons (Kino Nowe Horyzonty) in Wroclaw, Poland, a few years ago. On that occasion, I had been invited to the annual New Horizons Film Festival. I recently spent just under three weeks in Wroclaw and decided I would visit it again. Only this time, I would take a camcorder with me to document it.

On this video, the second of my “Long Takes,” marketing manager Michal Weksler takes me on a tour of the cinema – from the entrance hall and the screening rooms to the back offices and the projection room. As I document the venue, we chat about the cinema, New Horizons and the general state of the arts.

Matt’s Long Take is a new web series by art reporter Matt Micucci documenting a series of encounters with artists and art institutions around the world. The use of the long take is inspired by AndrĂ© Bazin, who believed it to be an important tool in cinema’s ability to capture “reality.”

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