Song of the Day: Frank LoCrasto, “Mystics” (2019)

“Mystics” is the mystical new track from Texas-born, Brooklyn-based Frank LoCrasto, a musician who specializes in creating music on synth and piano. He has been recording music albums as a leader and sideman since 2000 and has, in addition, been an active film composer.

This new track is a preview of his new album Lost Dispatch, out June 14 via Royal Potato Family. What is fascinating about this project is that it openly draws inspiration from the low-fi tones of library music from the ’50s and ’60s and constructs a surrealist landscape out of analog synths, percussion, woodwinds and field recordings.

“Mystics” evokes not only synth exotica but also tropical landscape. In fact, LoCrasto tells a story via a press release that partly motivated Lost Dispatch as a whole: “Growing up outside of Dallas, I rarely saw the ocean until I moved to New York. As a kid, my family took a few road trips to South Padre Island and Sarasota but that’s it. There‚Äôs definitely some nostalgia to those trips that has stuck. Since then, anytime I’d see a palm tree, or hear a steel pan, or smell Hawaiian tropic, it would resonate. It’s an experience I got a taste of and something I’d fantasize about.”

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