Quick Film Guide: All Is Good (Eva Trobisch, 2018)

Berlin-based filmmaker Eva Trobisch’s debut feature, All Is Good, explores the subject of rape from a different perspective – by telling the story of a woman who refuses to be a victim after being sexually assaulted by her boss’ brother-in-law and doing her best to carry on with her life.

The film is realistic (or naturalistic) and character driven, ably sustained by actress Aenne Schwarz’s lead performance. It’s also quite focused, exploring the moments before, during and after the traumatic event but also revealing of everyday moments that give a fuller portrayal of the situation than usual.

While it may immediately seem dry, it is remarkably different from the usual films exploring similar subjects that readily place the women in the role of the victim. Made in the heat of the #MeeToo movement, All Is Good is (disappointingly) one of the few films of this era that actually actively works to alter the dominant storytelling conventions and is all the more empowering for it.

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