Song of the Day: Blur, “Song 2” (1997)

“Song 2” is not only the most internationally loved song by Blur. It is also a quintessential song of the ’90s. In fact, it particularly represents a landmark recording that came at the tail-end of the few years during which Britpop ruled supreme, and just as big-beat sub-genres were about to overshadow it in terms of popularity.

In many ways, “Song 2” is not only the song of a band trying to reposition itself in the international market. It is also a homage to rock music and guitars in general. In today’s super-electronic pop music, where guitars seem to have all but disappeared, it is almost bittersweet to hear a two-minute song that is as “garage” as it is “arena.”

Structured around the standard stadium beat and recorded in lo-fi, its propulsive guitars are matched in energy by Damon Albarn’s fevered woo-hoo-ing and nonesensical lyrics. “Song 2,” to this day, is the first song that many new bands start playing and also, perhaps, one of the first that guitarists use to play around with their distortion pedals.

“I got my head checked by a jumbo jet / It wasn’t easy but nothing is.”

Written by Matt Micucci

I'm an international journalist, reporter, website editor and content creator. I actively work for JAZZIZ Magazine and FRED Film Radio, collaborate with other websites and curate my own projects, including IN ARTE MATT and CineCola. I have also curated and produced my series of films in Galway, Ireland, and photo exhibition and arts events in various European countries. I have a working class background and have and have a postgrad degree in Film Theory + a BA in Film & TV.

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