Song of the Day: Paul McCartney, “Maybe I’m Amazed” (1970)

Paul McCartney wrote “Maybe I’m Amazed” in London at the piano. While the song was finished on February 22, 1970, at Abbey Road Studios, it was actually written in 1969, just before the dissolution of The Beatles. In fact, this song is a tribute to his beloved Linda, for giving him strength after the Fab Four’s break-up.

Linda Eastman is actually the only other person featured on “Maybe I’m Amazed,” singing backing vocals. Every other sound and every other instrument here is performed by McCartney himself, though the drum parts seem very influenced by the playing style of Ringo Starr – so much so that for the longest time, I was convinced it was actually him.

The song was not originally released as a single, thought a promotional film for it was made and given its own slot as part of an episode of the famed Ed Sullivan Show. Nonetheless, it is clearly the best song of his debut solo album, McCartney, and regarded as one of his finest love songs.

“Maybe I’m a man, maybe you’re the only woman who could ever help me / Baby, won’t you help me to understand?”

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