VIDEO: Matt’s Long Take #6: WINYLOVE

For years, I have been a vinyl aficionado but have sadly have had to cut down on buying records as a result of my current nomad lifestyle. While staying the beautiful city of Wroclaw, Poland, I came across a few vinyl record store, interested in seeing with my own eyes the exclusive releases that came out as part of this year’s Record Store Day.

One of the stores I came across was Winylove, which was located in a bookstore, in a charming location that reminded me of some type of fantastic treehouse. On this Long Take, DJ Creon, a well-known and award-winning music artist in Poland, gave me a tour of the place, which he co-runs with an associate.

While there were some communication barriers – his English was not perfect and my Polish was non-existant – it’s interesting to see us try to communicate through the language of music. And while there, I got to flick through some vinyls and find out something about the Polish music scene old and new.

For more information on Winylove in Wroclaw, Poland, visit their official Facebook page.

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