VIDEO: Matt’s Long Take #9: H33

In my previous video with pianist/composer Eric Pan, I had talked about how strange it is to me when people demolish buildings that have no need to be demolished. This tour of H33, which I filmed while in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, proved to be relevant to this topic.

On this video, I was in fact given a tour of the city’s fascinating Social Innovation Hub in Cluj-Napoca set up by Dan Clinci and Horea Manea of Urbannect Association. Our guide is visual artist Puiac Virgil. Along the way, we also meet Carmiina Tarean, Simion Răzvan and Iulia Mircean and more people who are just some of the colourful folks who occasionally inhabit this place.

As I walked round to see the different creative spaces, markets and exhibitions in the complex, I gradually find out that this space would soon be demolished and that this would encapsulate in part what I aim to do with my Long Take series: to document what will, at some point, no longer be there.

For more information on H33 visit their official Facebook page.

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