After taking a break from filming my Long Takes, focusing instead on other work, I decided to resume shooting my video series while in my hometown of Galway, Ireland. In fact, it seemed strange to me that this Long Take encounter with Irish artist Jennifer Cunningham should be the first one I filmed in the place where I grew up.

I found out about Jennifer’s exhibition while visiting the Facebook page of the Galway Arts Centre, where her new exhibition “Between Worlds,” was hosted. The exhibition was commissioned by the BaborĂ³ International Arts Festival for Children and Jennifer agreed to give me a tour of it.

During our Long Take, we got into some of the themes of her exhibition and the different materials, techniques and approaches she utilized in putting it together. Furthermore, Jennifer really opened up about the origins of her art career and some of her concerns about being an artist today.

For more information about Jennifer Cunningham and her work, visit her official website.

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