CineCola Is Dead

A few days ago, I decided not to renew the domain name of my longtime film website, CineCola. It wasn’t a decision I took. I just let it happen.

For a certain period of my life, I was fully dedicated to it. It was by baby. There was a section on it that I shamelessly titled “The Matt Micucci Film Encyclopedia” that was, in a sense, the documentation of the development of my film taste. But I also regularly updated the site with articles of various sorts that revolved around the movies.

CineCola was a manifestation of my commitment to my cinephilia. Movies had, after all, been a constant in my life. As a child, they represented my window to the world and provided me with support, solace, charisma, escapism and empathy. My cinephilia was of the completist kind – I longed to watch anything and everything. It also came with a desire to complement viewing with research, and trips to the library to find out more about filmmakers, film movements etc.

Within a few months of buying the domain name, I was contacted by an online talk radio focused on films,, and quickly became one of its lead reporters. I still collaborate them to this day. Despite this, I kept the website up, religiously, with articles of various kinds – from news articles to opinion pieces, long-form reviews and reports from film festivals.

Yet, as time went on, I became disenchantment and disappointed with the lack of attention anything I did generated. There seemed to be no interest in what I had to say. This made me feel like a failure, a thought that well extended beyond the popularity of my personal website but that resulted in its neglect.

While I kept renewing the domain name and even updated its template, other life demands and a continued disinterest made me want to get rid of it altogether. It had been a year since I had written anything new for it. In the meantime, I started a freer website,, where I write about my wider interests in the arts and travel in general.

CineCola remained a constant in my life for years. But it’s gone now. As I write this, a sense of fatigue overtakes me.

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I'm an international journalist, reporter, website editor and content creator. I actively work for JAZZIZ Magazine and FRED Film Radio, collaborate with other websites and curate my own projects, including IN ARTE MATT and CineCola. I have also curated and produced my series of films in Galway, Ireland, and photo exhibition and arts events in various European countries. I have a working class background and have and have a postgrad degree in Film Theory + a BA in Film & TV.

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