Video: Matt’s Wuthering Arts #2 – Fire in the City (Gerardo Dottori, 1926)

For my second Wuthering Art episode, I take a look at Fire in the City from 1926 by Geradro Dottori.

Born in Perugia, Italy, in 1929, Dottori is one of the major painters of the Futurist movement. So much so that he was a spokesperson for futurism on various matters regarding the plastics arts. One of the major concepts he developed was Aeropainting (Aeropittura), which embraced Futirism’s love of modernity and introduced a brand new perspective to the art world during the pioneering days of flight.

Fire in the City is currently displayed as part of the permanent exhibition in the Palazzo della Penna in Dottori’s birthplace of Perugia, Italy. While the painting revels in the spectacle of the burning Medieval landscape, I argue that Dottori had a lot of love for the landscape of his birthplace, as represented by the many times he reproduced it throughout his ouvre.

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