Thoughts on Getting My First Copyright Strike on YouTube

I just got the first copyright strike on my YouTube channel.

For the last while, I have been using footage of a video of a lava lamp to accompany the audio of the conversations I record for my MATT’S ART CHAT series. These are conversations with creative and artistic people from all over the world. The videos are also accompanied by images and photos. But the important part of these videos remains the audio, which is why recently, I have been uploading them in podcast-only form on Spotify and various other audio streaming platforms.

Still, when I first started making these videos, I knew that I would have to have some type of visuals accompanying the audio. At first, I thought about only using the images and photos. Then, an idea popped in my head, that I should have some type of loop playing in the background as well. When I came across footage of a lava lamp, I decided to download the video and use a part of that to fit the length of the audio.

I didn’t think much of it because I never thought my videos would get a lot of views. And they don’t. One thing I have noticed over the years of talking about the arts is that it is difficult to talk about the arts in any forum. It’s not exactly viral video content, especially the way I try to do it, via long take videos and unhurried conversations. But it is the way I want to do it and becoming some type of viral sensation was never my intention. If it had been, I would have started making toy reviews…

Nonetheless, the copyright strike I have received actually threatens to take down my channel. This means that all the videos I have uploaded on it would be lost, including not only my MATT’S ART CHAT episodes but also my LONG TAKES and everything else. And the annoying thing is that the copyright strike I got was for a video that hardly even got to ten views – and hardly ever will.

So, why should I care, given the tiny viewcount, whether the YouTube channel is taken down?

Because, my YouTube channel is a passion project. My way of chronicling the art that I encounter, the knowledge I have acquired and share my interest in it, in a truly independent way. It’s my channel and I can do on it whatever I want. I have other work I do beside that, the volume of which is very high. Besides that, as part of my deep interest in the arts, I have been living a nomadic life for a very long time, so it is a committment to take time out of an already overwhelmingly busy schedule to find new ways to talk about the arts in a style all my own.

If I have made a mistake, it is only due to inexperience. Nonetheless, I do fear that this copyright strike will be the first of many – three strikes and you’re out. The YouTube channel will be taken down and all its videos lost forever. The video that threatens to destroy all the work I have done is a 5-hour shot of a lava lamp. I have since reached out to the man who filmed it, asking him whether we could solve this problem in an amicable way. He has yet reply, which is not promising.

I am now editing a video of Veedzy loops for future Matt’s Art Chats, desperately trying to get it done in time to upload my weekly episode later today…

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