Matt’s Art Chat #12: Chris Cipollini (PODCAST)

My new episode of Matt’s Art Chat features a conversation with Las Vegas-based poet/author and all-around creative soul, Chris Cipollini. He is actually the first person to make the second appearance on Matt’s Art Chat since I have started the series – though I took a long break before starting it again at the start of this year.

We record our conversation just a few days after the Coronavirus outbreak was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization and every country seems to slowly shut down. Because he is in the States and I am in Europe, we share our experiences of this current situation. But aside from our discussion about COVID-19, we talk about his trip to Paris, France, a few months ago, art and poetry. He even ends the call by reciting one of his very own poems.

Matt’s Art Chat is a series of conversation with artists and interesting people from all over the world. You can watch all episodes of Matt’s Art Chat on Youtube, or listen to them on Spotify, and PodBean.

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