Video: Matt’s Long Take #13: Lukos Hey

Just a few days before the Coronavirus pandemic forced Prague into a state of emergency and had us all quarantined, I was able to film a Long Take video with Australian-born painter Lukos Hey. I had interviewed Lukos Hey just a few weeks before coming to Prague for my Art Chat series and we had discussed the possibility of filming in his studio the next time I would visit the Czech capital.

Thankfully, we were able to do that, and I was able to film his studio – which is situated in a huge hostel compound that he is currently decorating. The video kicks off with Hey showing me his latest work – a painting inspired by the jazz piano legend McCoy Tyner, who recently passed. We also talk about art in general as he shows me the paintings hanging on the walls of his studio and we take a tour of the hostel, to see some of the mindblowng stuff that he is painting on its walls.

Matt’s Long Take is a series of videos documenting artists and creative people, as well as art venues from all parts of the world. These videos are filmed on an handheld camera in an unedited long-take.

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