30-Day Song Challenge: A Song I Like with a Colour in the Title

I’m going to do the 30-Day Song Challenge, which has recently gone viral. However, me being me, I’m going to expand on the concept to write a few lines about each of the songs I choose and why I chose them, as each of the songs I choose I am – for one reason or another – attached to.

Miles Davis, “All Blues” (1959)

Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue album instantly popped in my head for this entry. I would have chosen the entire album. However, that would have betrayed the entire concept of this list.

I pretty much love each track on the LP equally. But the only reason why I chose “All Blues” over “Blue in Green” is because, thanks to Oscar Brown Jr., who added words to it later, I can sing lyrics to it whenever I get in the mood.

In fact, Chet Baker has a great version of this track – with Rachel Gould doing the singing parts wonderfully.

In any case, Kind of Blue is not just a modal jazz masterpiece. It was also the first full jazz albums I listened to from start to finish in my teens. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that. But given that I now work for an international jazz publication, that turned out to be quite an important event in my life.

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