30-Day Song Challenge #3: A Song That Reminds Me of Summertime

I’m going to do the 30-Day Song Challenge, which has recently gone viral. However, me being me, I’m going to expand on the concept to write a few lines about each of the songs I choose and why I chose them, as each of the songs I choose I am – for one reason or another – attached to.

Glen Campbell, “By the Time I Get to Phoenix”

Traditionally, summer means fun to the vast majority of people. However, I have always been unable to live in the moment. Therefore, I have always accosted this season with feelings of loss and melancholia.

Therefore, the songs I associate with summer are those that evoke those feelings. The first that came to my mind was Glen Campbell’s “By the Time I Get to Phoenix,” who also happens to possibly be the first musicians who really made me appreciate the much-maligned country music genre.

However, it’s not so much the words of this song that made me choose it. It is the sound of the dramatic wall of strings, providing a spectacularly nostalgic backdrop, that best represents how I generally feel about the summer. (Not to mention that flute, which sounds to me like the voice of a ghost from my past.)

I should also say that I distinctly remember discovering this song the summer after I had finished my first year of college; an experience that had unexpectedly ended in disappointment. So, I could identify with the protagonist of this song leaving in a hurry because all I wanted to do was get away.

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