30-Day Song Challenge #5: A Song That Needs to Be Played Loud

I’m going to do the 30-Day Song Challenge, which has recently gone viral. However, me being me, I’m going to expand on the concept to write a few lines about each of the songs I choose and why I chose them, as each of the songs I choose I am – for one reason or another – attached to.

Antonio Vivaldi, “Winter: Allegro Non Molto”

I have been into punk rock since I was a teen and later, I also learned to appreciate and love free jazz. Besides that, I should also mention that loud is my favourite way of listening to music in general.

Yet, it would be too easy and not enough of a challenge if I didn’t go down a surprising route with this one. The fact is that my interest in music began with an early interest in classical music, which started when I was about five years old, when I watched Amadeus.

That experience ended up being a formative experience for me for a couple of reasons. One is that the depiction of Mozart in that film shaped my own personality as I got older. Secondly is that it made me love movies and music in a big way, and made me want to find out more about it via precocious research that soon, eventually, transformed into a complete love for the arts at large.

So, given my interest in classical music, I should refer to an awesome recent experience while in Venice for the first time last year, when I walked around the city listening to Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Right when “Winter” kicked in, loudly booming in my ear, I turned the corner and there was Piazza San Marco. An experience I will never forget – despite the fact that it was summer.

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