The Art Movement – Ep. #11 (RADIO SHOW)

Welcome to THE ART MOVEMENT, a radio show about art and culture, where all art forms and free thoughts are allowed. The show is hosted by globe-trotting art presenter/content creator extraordinaire Matt Micucci. It features plenty of music, interview clips, comedy and chat about current events.

In this episode: Dick Gregory, Langston Hughes, Wakaliwood, Jimmy Cobb, Rosetta Reitz & more.

NOTE: This episode was inspired by George Floyd’s death. I am channelling the emotions and feelings I feel about THAT video into a video largely celebrating black culture and history. I hope the intentions of this episode will not be misunderstood; it is essentially part of my lifelong belief that the arts are mightier than the swords. But ultimately, you are free to make of it what you will. Peace!

You can also listen to THE ART MOVEMENT on PodBean and IHeartRadio. Clips from the show are uploaded on my YouTube channel.

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