5 clips from my podcast interview with multi-disciplinary artist Kristine Schomaker

Last week, I interviewer multidisciplinary artist Kristine Schomaker, who also defines herself as a dedicated conceptual autobiographer. In addition to making her own artworks, she is also an arts promoter, curator and collector. Here are five clips from that podcast conversation (scroll to the bottom of the page to listen to the full podcast).

How art evokes thoughts on looking, the gaze and perspective.

What does it mean to be a “dedicated conceptual autobiographer”?

Schomaker on making art that deals with such themes as self-esteem, perception and body image.

Are we comfortable in our own skin?

Thoughts on how education can open the mind.

You can watch or listen to the full podcast with Kristine Schomaker via one of the players below. And you can also find out more about her via her website, https://www.kristineschomaker.net/.

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