9 Museums in 5 Days. A Great Initiative from the Czech Ministry of Culture

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I actually have visited a number of museums over this past week and it was amazing! My intention at first was just to visit the Historical Building of the National Museum in Prague, where I have been for about four months now. And I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to do it due to the pandemic but unlike many parts of the world, Prague is relatively safe and by all means, almost completely reopened. At least for the time being…

Nonetheless, this means that museums are reopened too and I was somehow able to schedule my weekly tasks to fit in various trips to the museums. And I say various because here in Prague, there is an initiative happening whereby you can’t get a ticket for just one museum — you get a ticket and you can visit nine museums over the course of five days. And that ticket costs 200 crowns, which roughly speaking is less than 10 euro and to give you another example, it’s basically the price of four ripe, juicy avocados.

Now, this is an initiative that involves nine museums across the city and I wasn’t able to visit all of them but some of them, including the Historical Building of the National Museum, which underwent an almost decade long renovation, which isn’t even completed yet but just seeing what it looks like so far was a breathtaking experience. I don’t want to say it too loud, but that building alone is worth the price of the ticket.

And the initiative itself isn’t something that the Czech Ministry of Culture just came up with to encourage people to visit museums again after the pandemic — it actually started in late 2019 as far as I understand it.

But it does make me think that having initiatives in place like that will make it easier for the cultural sector of any country to encourage people to experience cultural events of various kinds even after a long time of the same people being told not to leave the house.

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