Matt’s Art Chat Is Taking a Break…

There will be no Matt’s Art Chat episode uploaded today. Reason being: the battery on my laptop blew up last night and burnt my battery charger in the process.

Luckily, the laptop itself has not been damaged and I was able to buy a new charger. But I will be using it without an actual battery for a while, depending on if and when it will be ordered.

I’m not surprised, as I have been overworking my little dell since the start of the pandemic. In the interest of safeguarding it from further damage, I will most likely cut down on some of my personal projects, especially Matt’s Art Chat.

I will hopefully be able to return with more podcasts for this series soon, as I legitimately enjoy recording conversations with art creators, curators and art lovers from all over the world, and creating a small platform for discussions about the art world at large and cultural exchange.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to listen to the previous episodes of the show, here’s a playlist on YouTube.

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