Some of the current exhibitions at the Historical Building of the National Museum of Prague

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“Earlier I mentioned that the exhibitions themselves were essentially nothing to write about. At least as far as the ones I visited was concerned. But that doesn’t mean they were all bad. Far from it. I guess there was something to like about every one of them. But some of them really stood out. For example, I liked two in the historical building of the National Museum.

One of them was on the Velvet Revolution of 1989, which presents the events of the second half of the 1980s, the Velvet Revolution itself and the period until the elections of June 1990. It’s more of an overview than anything really insightful but it’s a nice refresher and well-suited to these times in which democracy just seems to be vulnerable in various parts of the world.

The other exhibition that really catches your eye is the Hall of Minerals, which was first opened by Professor Karel Vrba in 1892 and was therefore one of the first exhibitions opened in the Historic Building after its construction.

The current exhibition is actually organized in its original form, and the display was the result of a collaboration between Vrna and the architect Josef Schulz, who designed the Historical Building of the National Museum of Prague. The collection as a whole includes more than 100,000 minerals but only 4% of the collection is currently exhibited.

When you walk into the hall, you see so many of these minerals that you’re really taken aback. All the glitter and colours and just natural beauty — it really quite a breathtaking sight and so well curated. It’s almost overwhelming.

I posted pictures of it on my instagram and one of the comments remarked that they thought I had taken a picture of a cake display and it really is true. Some of those pieces do look good enough to eat. I enjoyed the exhibition of the State Czech Symbols from 1918 to present day, including the national anthems, the flag and just that type of stuff.

And just as a little trivia, the flag of the Czech Republic is white, red and blue. And the traditional symbolic meaning of these colors is as follows. The white color stands for the people of the Czech Republic and their peaceful nature and honesty. Red color means courage, valor and patriotism of the nation. The blue symbolizes vigilance, truth, loyalty and perseverance.”

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