5 clips from my podcast interview with BASTIAN Gallery director Chris Craig

Last week, I interviewed London’ BASTIAN Gallery director Chris Craig on their new exhibition, “Atelier Picasso,” which reimagines his Cannes Studio as an immersive experience within the gallery. The exhibition will open on September 3. Here are five clips from our conversation.

(To listen to the full podcast, scroll to the bottom of the page.)

An introduction to “Atelier Picasso.”

Pablo Picasso was fascinated with animals and animal forms.

Pablo Picasso was aware of his status as a living legend.

What was Pablo Picasso’s life and work after World War II?

How art galleries should engage with the online world.

Check out the full podcast conversation with Chris Craig via one of the players below. To find out more about “Atelier Picasso,” go to https://www.bastian-gallery.com/en/news/atelier-picasso/.

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