5 clips from THE ART MOVEMENT – Episode 23 (RADIO SHOW)

Here are five clips from the latest episode of my radio show, THE ART MOVEMENT, the weekly radio show hosted/produced by arts presenter Matt Micucci. The show revolves around art and culture, and where all art forms and free thoughts are allowed.

(To listen to/download the full radio show, scroll to the bottom of the page.)

Announcement: My book on film, Eye of the Beholder is due out September 1.

Find your mentors in books, movies and music

What motivates Henry Rollins?

Should France return the Mona Lisa to Italy?

Whem Marcel Duchamp drew moustaches on the Mona Lisa

Lots more where that came from! You can listen to the full epsiode of THE ART MOVEMENT (including the music) via the player below.

Download the full radio show HERE.

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