5 clips from my podcast interview with painter LACHLAN GOUDIE

I recently interviewed painter Lachlan Goudie for my MATT’S ART CHAT podcast series. Goudie’s new exhibition, Once Upon a Time, will run at The Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland, on October 28-November 25. He also recently published a book called The Story of Scottish Art.

Listen to five clips from the podcast interview via the player below.

How being a dad changed Lachlan Goudie’s perspective on art.

Lachlan Goudie on his new exhibition, Once Upon a Time.

“Art can be a childish exploration.”

How Goudie’s knowledge of art history influences his painting.

“Art has to be a vocation”

MATT’S ART CHAT is a series of podcast conversations about the arts with art creators, curators and lovers from all over the world. Listen to the full podcast with Lachlan Goudie via the player below.



Also available on Podbean and IHeartRadio.

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