My Films of the Week #4: Beer League, Stardust & More

As a lifelong cinephile, I have always consumed a copious amount of films. In this new feature, I keep track of the films I watch during the week.

All Cats Are Grey (Savina Dellicour, 2014, Belgium)

Witty comedy-drama about a young girl who begins to suspect that a local private investigator is her father. Enjoyable and featuring moments of warmth but ultimately lacking in ambition.

Artie Lange’s Beer League (Frank Sebastiano, 2006, USA)

Childish and even a bit tasteless. You may not find it in any “best of” lists any time soon, yet there is something about it that recalls old slapstick comedies and makes it a wild and fun watch.

The Jump (Giedre Zickyte, 2020, Lithuania/Latvia/France)

An inspiring tale from not too long ago of when the United States protested for the immigration of a Soviet man. Aside from the interesting story it tells, it is cinematically constructed in a gripping and exciting way.

Stardust (Gabriel Range, 2020, UK)

Inspired by the lack of David Bowie, this independent film lacks any noteworthy independent spirit. Typical, standards, coming-of-age drama. Hardly worth the time of any of the iconic music star’s fans.

My Name Is Francesco Totti (Alex Infascelli, 2020, Italy)

First-person insight into the life and career of one of the most acclaimed football players in Italian history and a symbol for the city of Rome at large. At times, it feels almost Machiavellian.

Tigers (Ronnie Sandahl, 2020, Sweden/Italy/Denmark)

Based on the true story of a promising football star, Tigers provides insight into mental illness among football youth league players. However, its penchant for traditionalist melodrama counters a promise for realist bite.

Cuban Dancer (Roberto Salinas, 2020, Italy/Canada/Chile)

Coming-of-age documentary telling the tale of a promising young Cuban ballet dancer emigrating to the U.S. with his family. Lacks a truly eventful, pivotal moment but is saved by its noteworthy human warmth.

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