My Albums of the Week #7: Everything but the Girl and Giorgio Gaslini

I would consider myself an “albums guy” and my taste in music is very varied. In this new feature, I list the albums that I listened to most intensely during the week. The list will include albums old and new, and the number of albums listened to every week will most likely vary on a week-to-week basis.

Everything but the Girl, Eden (1984, Blanco y Negro)

TRACKLIST (Favorite tracks underlined): 1 – Each and Every One / 2 – Bittersweet / 3 – Tender Blue / 4 – Another Bridge / 5 – The Spice of Life / 6 – The Dustbowl / 7 – Crabwalk / 8 – Even So / 9 – Frost and Fire / 10 – Fascination / 11 – I Must Confess / 12 – Soft Touch

The debut album of British duo Everything but the Girl, backed by great session musicians. A classy fusion of pop with lounge jazz, cool jazz and bossa nova. A true peak in the sophisti-pop wave of the period, as noteworthy for its arrangements as much as for its lyrics, depicting scenes of tragic romance with disarming realism.

Giorgio Gaslini, La Notte Soundtrack (1996, BNF)

TRACKLIST (Favorite tracks underlined): 1 – Lettura della Lettura / 2 – Ballo Di Lidia / 3 – Voci Dal Fiume / 4 – Quartetto Sotto le Stelle / 5 – Blues All’Alba / 6 – Valzer Lento / 7 – Notturno Blues / 8 – Finale / 9 – Jazz Interludio / 10 – Country Club / 11 – La Notte (Suite)

Released in 2016, the remastered version of symphonic jazz great Giorgio Gaslini, closer here to pop sensibilities and trends of the time, both in jazz and pop music. A beautiful earful of the glamour and sophistication linked with Italy in the ’60s, composed for Michelangelo Antonioni’s international arthouse hit movie La Notte and performed in a quartet setting.

Billy Joe Shaver, Old Five and Dimers Like Me (1973, Monument)

TRACKLIST (Favorite tracks underlined): 1 – Black Rose / 2 – Old Five and Dimers Like Me / 3 – L.A. Turnaround / 4 – Jesus Christ, What a Man / 5 – Played the Game Too Long / 6 – I Been to Georgia On a Fast Train / 7 – Willy the Wandering Gypsy and Me / 8 – Low Down Freedom / 9 – Jesus Was Our Saviour and Cotton Was Our King / 10 – Serious Souls / 11 – Bottom Dollar / 12 – Ride, Cowboy. Ride / 13 – Good Christian Soldier

A peak in the outlaw country genre, featuring some of the best-known and most-covered songs of the music. A depiction of how hard it is to be good as strong as this you’ll never hear. The record should also have launched Billy Joe Shaver into the mainstream. As it happens, personal demons and general injustice made it so that some who covered the tracks on this very program made it bigger than he did.

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