5 New Podcast Interviews on Film You Need to Hear (October 2020)

Here is a roundup of some of my favourite interviews that I conducted for FRED Film Radio, the international online talk radio on all things cinema, this month (October 2020). Interviews are drawn from this month’s episodes of my weekly radio show, Big FRED Tuesday, and the extensive coverage of the 2020 Rome Film Fest for the radio that I was part of.

Roberto Salinas
director of Cuban Dancer

A conversation with the director of a passionate coming-of-age ballet tale, danced between Cuba and the United States, in a time of change.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW: http://www.fred.fm/uk/roberto-salinas-cuban-dancer-alicenellacitta/

John Waters

John Waters was a special guest of the 2020 edition of the Rome Film Fest and I recorded a short chat with him on the red carpet.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW: http://www.fred.fm/uk/john-waters-romaff15/

Steve Massa
author of the book Rediscovering Roscoe: The Films of “Fatty” Arbuckle

A chat with film historian Steve Massa, who recently wrote a book on early slapstick comediat “Fatty” Arbuckle that turns the attention back to his films rather than focusing on the huge scandal that continues to taint his career to this day.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW: http://www.fred.fm/uk/steve-massa-rediscovering-roscoe-the-films-of-fatty-arbuckle/

Tomm Moore
director of The Secret of Kells

My interview with Irish animator Tomm Moore, co-founder of Cartoon Saloon, whose Oscar-nominated The Secret of Kells was selected as part of the inaugural program of the EU-supported online film literacy platform, European Film Factory.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW: http://www.fred.fm/uk/tomm-moore-the-secret-of-kells/

Gabriel Range and Johnny Flynn
director and actor of Stardust

A chat with the director and actor of Stardust, a film inspired by a formative period in the early career of a young David Bowie.

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