MATT’S ART CHAT #32 – Kate Grenyer (PODCAST)

The new episode of Matt’s Art Chat is a podcast conversation with Edinburgh’s Dovecot Studios curator Kate Grenyer about their upcoming exhibition Archie Brennan: Tapestry Goes Pop!, which will run on March 26-June 26, 2021. This will be the most expansive exhibition dedicated to Scotland’s Archie Brennan, one of the leading tapestry art exponents of the 20th

You can listen to the podcast conversation with Kate Grenyer via one of the players below.

Also available on Podbean and IHeartRadio

Click here for more information about Dovecot Studio’s Archie Brennan: Tapestry Goes Pop! exhibition.

Matt’s Art Chat is a series of podcast conversations about the arts with creators, curators and art lovers from all over the world. The series is hosted by arts presenter Matt Micucci.


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