Seminal Early 20th-century Work in the History of Art and Collecting Available in English for the First Time Ever

Julius von Schlosser’s Art and Curiosity Cabinets of the Late Renaissance: A Contribution to the History of Collecting, originally published in German in 1908, will be available in English for the first time on January 19, 2021. Click here to preorder.

This is a seminal work in the history of art and collecting. It was the first study to interpret 16th and 17th-century cabinets of wonder as precursors to the modern museum, situating them within a history of collecting going back to Greco-Roman antiquity.

In its comparative approach and broad geographical scope, Schlosser’s book introduced an interdisciplinary and global perspective to the study of art and material culture, laying the foundation for museum studies and the history of collections.

Although available in both French and Italian, it has never before been translated into English.

Julius von Schlosser was an Austrian professor, curator, museum director, and leading figure of the Vienna School of art history whose work has not achieved the prominence of his contemporaries until now.

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