5 Clips from my podcast conversation with filmmaker Kemal Yildirim

I recently interviewed filmmaker Kemal Yildirim for my Matt’s Art Chat podcast series. We talked about cinema and his new film, Wastelands. To find out more about him, check out his website, https://kemalyusufyildirim.wixsite.com/kemikalfilms.

Listen to five clips from my podcast conversation with Kemal Yildirim below.


The influence of dreams in cinema.

Dreams and cinema have forever been linked. This is especially true of horror films or films with a surrealist vein, which is the type that Kemal has been doing as of late, including his latest film Wastelands.


Representing mental health issues through film.

Kemal’s new film, Wastelands, is inspired by first-hand experiences and lived events. It is especially influenced by the mental health issues experienced by his mother and that he experienced in his own life.


Escaping into film from the hardships of life.

Many people find cinema a great way to escape from the hardships of life. Such was the case for Kemal who, in his early life, was bullied in school.


The challenges of being an independent filmmaker.

Independent filmmaking certainly comes with its challenges, one of which has to do with financing the project. At the same time, does it allow more room for creative freedom?


The poetry of horror films.

There is a tendency to snub horror films. However, horror films certainly also have a poetry and allegorical power to represent themes and issues in a powerful way.


Listen to the full podcast conversation with filmmaker Kemal Yildirim via the player below. Matt’s Art Chat is also available on a wide variety of audio streaming platforms, including iTunes, Spotify and Podbean, among many others.

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