BIG FRED TUESDAY: Cinema Radio Broadcast #21 (FRED.FM)

Radio broadcast: November 24, 2020.

Cinephiles! This week’s show on all things cinema, hosted by yours truly for FRED Film Radio, is an incredibly dense and varied one and marks the start of my coverage of the Torino Film Festival.

First up, I am joined by Turkish filmmaker Nisan Dağ. Her new film, When I’m Done Dying, screened at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival and explores the hip-hop culture of Istanbul slums via a tale of star-crossed lovers.

Then, I speak with Taiwanese director Mian Mian Lu. Her film, Mickey on the Road, is featured in the official competition program of the Torino Film Festival. The story is that of two young Taiwanese women who travel to China, one to look for her boyfriend and the other to look for her estranged father. A touching story, exploring contrasts and fuelled by hope and courage.

After that, Maria Komninos, head of the Greek Film Archive, joins me to talk about the restoration of the landmark 1930 Greek film, The Apaches of Athens. The film has been lost for decades, was recently screened at the Limited Edition of the Pordenone Silent Film Festival and is only one example of the importance of film preservation.

And finally, I also talk with Kate Reidy, who is the co-director of the Black Movie Festival in Geneva, which spotlights independent cinema and will take place in January.

Next week, there will be even more conversations from the Torino Film Festival, which has been moved online in response to the coronavirus pandemic, as so many other film festivals have been forced to in these difficult times. As we approach the holidays, art continues to keep us connected and film festivals continue to promote a cinema that is different from Netflix, the program of which, I am sure, many of us are fatigued with.

Once again, I apologize for the music curation, which does not reflect my own taste in music. If you can get past that, it is a good show and I encourage you to listen to it via the player below!

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