Sotheby’s Fashion & Art Auction to Raise Funds for Lebanon

This December, Sotheby’s is partnering with Creatives for Lebanon and Art for Beirut two not-for-profit organizations created by the Lebanese diaspora in the wake of the tragic blast in Beirut on 4 August – to raise funds for the people of Beirut through the medium of the arts.

To Beirut with Love will be open for bidding on December 7. The auction will continue through December 15 and comprise a handpicked selection of donations from leading contemporary artists, fashion designers and jewelry designers.

Following the sale, in collaboration with IMPACT Lebanon and LIFE (Lebanese International Finance Executives), the proceeds will be shared amongst five charities, ensuring that the funds reach the areas that need it the most.

The charities chosen include Nusaned, Beit El Baraka and Baytna Baytak, whose focus is on shelter for displaced families and rehabilitating residential homes and local businesses, Al Fanar, a venture philanthropy organization who provide support for social entrepreneurs and small businesses, and lastly House of Christmas, who will help preserve and protect heritage buildings.

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