5 clips from my podcast conversation with Irish artist Frank O’Dea

I recently interviewed Irish artist Frank O’Dea for my Matt’s Art Chat podcast series. Frank is also the owner of Balla Bán. Located in the heart of Dublin, just off Grafton Street. Balla Bán Gallery, Ireland’s Smallest Art Gallery, and has gone online, in response to the coronavirus pandemic. For more info, go to https://ballaban.net/.

Here are five clips from my interview with Frank O’Dea for Matt’s Art Chat.


Art is therapy

Over the course of the series, artists have shared their thoughts on the meditative nature of the art-making process. Here are Frank O’Dea’s thoughts on this.


What artists need to consider in order to sell their artworks

As a gallery owner, as well as an artist, Frank O’Dea shares his thoughts on the important for artists to balance art for art’s sake with what is commercial.


Have people been buying art during the lockdown?

The coronavirus has been a challenging time for artists. But how has the art market been impacted by the times? Are people buying artworks from home during the lockdown?


Self-expression and storytelling in art

Many artists’ works are motivated by a need for self-expression. Frank O’Dea shares whether this is true of his own artworks as well.


The story of Ireland’s smallest art gallery

Frank O’Dea is the owner of Balla Bán Art Gallery in Dublin, which is known as Ireland’s Smallest Art Gallery. Here is an abridged story of this fascinating place.


Listen to the full podcast conversation with Irish artist and art gallery owner Frank O’Dea via the player below. Matt’s Art Chat is also available on a wide variety of audio streaming platforms, including iTunes, Spotify and Podbean, among many others.

MATT’S ART CHAT is a series of podcast conversations about the arts with creators, curators and art lovers from all over the world, hosted by Matt Micucci.

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