MATT’S ART CHAT #36 – Jeroen Elfferich (PODCAST)

Matt’s Art Chat is a series of podcast conversations produced/hosted by arts presenter Matt Micucci. featuring art creators, curators, experts and lovers from all over the world.

The new episode of Matt’s Art Chat is a conversation with Dutch multi-instrumentalist/composer Jeroen Elfferich. His new solo piano album, Dutch Piano Rhythms, is out now and you can click here to listen to it on Spotify. You can also click here to check out his YouTube channel, where you will find more of his music and videos of his recent initiative, The Composer Wants to Play With You, which we talk about in this podcast.

Listen to the podcast conversation with Jeroen Elfferich via one of the players below. (Matt’s Art Chat is also available via several streaming playforms, including iTunes, Google Podcasts and many more.)

Video version

Audio Version


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