10 Great Quotes from “How to Stop Overthinking” by Chase Hill and Scott Sharp (2019)

I recently read Chase Hill and Scott Sharp’s book, How to Stop Overthinking: The 7-Step Plan to Control and Eliminate Negative Thoughts, Declutter Your Mind and Start Thinking Positively in 5 Minutes or Less, originally published in 2019.

This book isn’t automatically going to solve all the problems in your life. However, I find that it is often good to read books like it, especially as you traverse difficult and intense times in your life. Sometimes they have information that can give you some ideas that you can use for yourself. Here are ten quotes from this book that particularly stood out to me.

“Overthinking leads to stress, anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. Over-thinkers constantly stress about their responsibilities, if they are good people, if they are making the right choices, and whether or not they are productive or unproductive.”

“The thought behind worrying that causes so much anxiety is that people cannot accept one simple truth: We do not have control over certain things that happen in our lives.”

“Most of the time, we underestimate our abilities to gain control of ourselves and handle situations. Sometimes you just have to face the fears, challenge your thoughts, and let whatever happens happen. More often than not, you will see the circumstance was not as bad as you thought.”

“Try to replace your doubting thoughts with healthy mantras for quick, in-the-moment relief.”

“Fear is the number one response to excessive worries and overthinking brains. In order to feel completely in control of our thoughts and actions, it is best to overcome our fears.”

“Failure is only implemented when you fear that you have not done your best, which stems from being a perfectionist, which also results in procrastinating with the decision-making process.”

“A positive person takes things that others say lightly because they are confident in themselves to do what’s right for them. Regardless of their tone, pay more attention to the words they are saying so that you can address the meaning behind them.”

“No project, appointment, or meeting is worth ignoring for the emergencies that might affect the life of a loved one.”

“You don’t have to worry or think badly about yourself just because you are a procrastinator. We all have been procrastinators at some point in our lives. Everyone can beat procrastination if they try!”

“Negative thoughts only have power over you if you give them the control to dictate your actions. It isn’t about how we challenge our thoughts, but how we react to them. When we do nothing about them, we gain our control back.”


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