5 Clips from MATT’S ART CHAT podcasts: November 2020

Matt’s Art Chat is my series of podcast conversations about the arts with creators, curators, experts and art lovers from all over the world. This past month, I had the opportunity to record conversations with experts, painters, musicians, authors and more.

Here are five standout clips from the November 2020 Matt’s Art Chat episodes. Click here for more Matt’s Art Chat episodes.


Irish painter and gallery owner Frank O’Dea talks about what artists need to consider to sell their artworks.

Balancing making art for art’s sake and commercial trends may be the key for artists to sell their artworks. Yet, it is also, understandably, a difficult balance to achieve, as well as one that the artists themselves often tend to overlook.


Filmmaker Kemal Yildirim talks about the poetry of horror films.

Kemal Yildirim recently released his latest film, Wastelands, which is defined by horror and surrealist tones. Here, the filmmaker talks about the poetry of horror films, as well as the genre’s distinctive expressive power, which is all too often taken for granted.


Standup comedian and author Sam Tallent on whether it is true that all comedians are sad.

There is a general common misconception that all comedians are also sad or, at least, come from a dark place. Sam Tallent refutes this stereotype with reference to his own life.


Dovecot Gallery curator Kate Grenyer on what tapestry art is.

Tapestry art may be one of the most remarkable and overlooked artforms today. Kate Grenyer provides a definition of what it is for all beginners interested to know more about it.


Standup comedian and author Sam Tallent on the thought police.

These are times of great debates around thought policing, the cancel culture and political correctness. Comedy seems to have been greatly affected by these discourses. Sam Tallent, as a standup comedian, shares his own thoughts on the matter.

Click here for all Matt’s Art Chat episodes.

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