5 Film Podcast Interviews Highlights #2: November 2020

Here are five of my favorite podcast interviews for FRED Film Radio, which I produced throughout November 2020. FRED Film Radio is an online radio on all things cinema with a focus on international film festivals and independent cinemas. I have been working with them for about seven years and produce/host a weekly radio show series named Big FRED Tuesday.

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Braden King, director of The Evening Hour

I interviewed American filmmaker Braden King on his first film in almost a decade, The Evening Hour. The film talks about a young man in a fading village of Appalachia who makes extra cash by reselling his patients’ prescriptions. The film was included in this year’s edition of the Torino Film Festival.


Arie Esiri and Chuko Esiri, directors of This Is My Desire

Arie Esiri and Chuko Esiri’s feature debut humanizes the theme of migration by exploring the lives of two different people in Nigeria who are about to set off on their journey to Europe. A different take on an oft-explored topic, the film was presented at the 2020 Torino Film Festival.


Simone Bitton, director of Ziyara

Filmmaker Simone Bitton traveled to Morocco to find out more about the Muslim keepers of the Jewish heritage there. Morocco used to have a huge Jewish population until socio-political and cultural issues drove them out in hoards in the mid-20th century. By embarking on this journey, Bitton revisited her own heritage. Ziyara was presented at this year’s International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.


Jay Weissberg, director of the Pordenone Silent Film Festival

Film critic and scholar Jay Weissberg talked with me about the Limited Edition of the beloved Pordenone Silent Film Festival, which took place online this year for the very first time in its history, showcasing a smaller but rich program of early silent films. In our chat, Weissberg also shared some thoughts on how festivals have been responding to the coronavirus pandemic.


Diane Sara Bourgarrou and Thomas Jenkoe, directors of The Last Hillbilly

French directors Diane Sara Bouzgarrou and Thomas Jenkoe visited the Appalachian region, somewhat unfamiliar to them, to capture the oft misrepresented hillbilly community there. This poetic film is aptly driven by a protagonist, Brian Ritchie, who is a poet himself and addresses some of these preconceptions.

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