5 clips from my podcast conversation with Dutch musician/composer Jeroen Elfferich

I recently interviewed Dutch musician/pianist Jeroen Elfferich for my Matt’s Art Chat podcast series. He talked with me about his personal and unique approach to music-making and his latest EP, Dutch Piano Rhythms, which you can click here to listen to on Spotify.

Below are five clips from my interview with Jeroen Elfferich for Matt’s Art Chat.


What are Dutch Piano Rhythms?

Jeroen Elfferich talks about the minimalist approach of the music of his latest EP, Dutch Piano Rhythms, and what it is that makes this approach distinctly Dutch.


The power of minimalism

In reference to Dutch Piano Rhythms, he also talks about what it is that he finds distinctly inspiring about minimalism, including the fact that he feels that it even encourages and prompts a type of creative spirituality.


Composer Jeroen Elfferich wants to play with you

During the pandemic, many musicians have taken to the web to launch their own interactive initiatives and projects. Here, Jeroen Elfferich talks about his own one, which he calls “The Composer Wants to Play With You.”


Making something out of nothing in music

Here, Elfferich talks about the creative process of music-making. Specifically, he reflects on whether what occurs is creation itself or a type of discovery in this process.


When music education is not stimulating

Some people simply do not find education helpful in their artistic journey. Jeroen Elfferich talks about his experience as a student in the music conservatory as not being particularly stimulating and he also tells us why he thinks that is.


Listen to the full podcast conversation with Dutch composer/musician Jeroen Elfferich via the player below. Matt’s Art Chat is also available on a wide variety of audio streaming platforms, including iTunes, Spotify and Podbean, among many others.

MATT’S ART CHAT is a series of podcast conversations about the arts with creators, curators and art lovers from all over the world, hosted by Matt Micucci.

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