My Art Picks of the Week: Lorenzo Lotto, Yue Minjun and More

Here are some artworks that have been rocking my world lately for you to feast your eyes on. This week’s list includes works by Lorenzo Lotto, Yue Minjun, Bronzino and more.


Lady Sunderland
Joshua Reynolds, 1786
from the Gemaldegalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Germany.

This painting established Reynolds as among the major 18th-century European painters. The main style of Reynolds art revolved around what was said to be ‘the idealization of the imperfect’.


The Vale of Rest
John Everett Millais, 1858
from Tate Britain, London, United Kingdom.

The setting of the painting is a graveyard as the sun sets and invites viewers to contemplate their own mortality. Despite the pain and sadness in death, the title offers hope that it will bring repose from life’s cares and infinite contentment.


The Deposition of Christ
Bronzino, 1545-1553
from the Palazzo Vecchio Museum, Florence, Italy.

This altarpiece was executed for the Chapel of Eleonora in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. At this time, Bronzino was highly regarded by the Medici court, not only as a painter but also as a poet.


Romantic Novel
Santiago Rusiñol, 1894
from Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya – MNAC, Barcelona, Spain.

Santiago Rusiñol’s painting depicts reading as a distraction. This trope was quite popular in the post-impressionist period, inspired by the popularity of depictions of a type of middle-class domesticity.


Ogata Korin, 1658-1716
from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, New York, United States.

One of the most important Japanese artists of the 17th century, Ogata Korin created images often inspired by songs or poems. He was given the rank of hokkyō, indicating that he was an accomplished artist, at the age of 43.


On the Lake
Yue Minjun, 1994
from the Long Museum West Bund, Shanghai, China.

Yue Minjun’s smiling man remains one of the most popular artistic figures of Chinese art of the ’90s. Sotheby’s website explains that it portrays “a coming-of-age generation who must both live under the remnants of Cultural Revolution and at the same time experience the effects from the rapid modernization of the Chinese society.”


Virgin and Child with Saints Jerome and Nicholas of Tolentino
Lorenzo Lotto, 1523-24
from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Lorenzo Lotto is a quiet trailblazer of the Renaissance. The National Gallery’s website points out that this is the only known painting of the Virgin and Child with saints that shows the naked infant Christ sitting on a pillow on a coffin. This unique addition indicates Christ’s acceptance of and conquest over death.

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