BIG FRED TUESDAY – Radio Cinema Broadcast #25 (FRED.FM)

Cinephile! I bring you my very last episode of the BIG FRED TUESDAY. This has been my ongoing weekly radio show on all things cinema for FRED Film Radio, with a focus on independent filmmaking and the international film festival scene. Before traveling back home to Ireland for the first time in almost a year, I was able to record a fresh batch of interviews to share with you.

But first, allow me to wish you all a physically and mentally happy end of the year. I understand that there are going to be a lot of lonelier people this festive season. I’ve spent many a lonely Christmas times in my lifetime to know that it can be tough. I can assure you that art can help at these times, including cinema.

As such, Festival Scope is recently presenting ArteKino Festival and the ten films of its program free of charge in several European countries (if you happen not to be in one of these countries, VPN can help). To mark this occasion, I interviewed two filmmakers whose films are included in the program: Ivana Mladenovic, director of Ivana the Terrible, and Uta Beria, director of Negative Numbers.

The former is a fusion of reality and fiction, where Mladenovic stars as herself in a movie inspired by true events she experienced some years ago, as she struggled with health issues and a mental crisis. The latter is a hard-hitting Georgian drama set in a juvenile detention center, where inmates are given a shot of redemption through the sport of rugby.

I also interviewed Hristo Simeonov, with some language barrier-type difficulties, about his Bulgarian short film Nina, which recently won Best Short at the UK Film Festival in London.

But that’s not all, as I take a look at the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry’s list of films, talk about the upcoming edition of the Berlinale and dug up some Christmas-themed interviews from the FRED Film Radio archive, including one with Mary Poppins herself, Julie Andrews.

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