9 great quotes from “Logged Off” by Nick Spalding (2020)

I recently read Logged Off by Nick Spalding, originally published earlier this year. I must confess, I did not find it particularly good. Its story revolves around a man who tries to improve his physical and mental health by logging off social media and avoiding the internet at large. I felt it was rather simplistic, meant to be a comforting and escapist read more than anything. Still, it had its moments. And here are nine quotes from the book that I felt were quite good.

Back inside, I decide to make myself an angry cup of coffee. This is much like a normal cup of coffee, only it contains twice the amount of coffee, three times the amount of sugar and a quarter of the amount of milk.

My sense of direction has been completely outsourced to Google Maps.

Oh Christ, I’ve given her hope. What an awful mistake to make.

[…] if you just let life come at you every now and again, you might be pleasantly surprised – and you might find you enjoy yourself a lot more.

Technology has a way of regimenting your existence, which only becomes truly apparent once you have to do without it. It’s almost as if all that reliance on computers starts to turn you into a bit of a computer yourself.

Feeling free does not also stop you from feeling lost. The two emotions can sit beside each other quite comfortably, it turns out.

In my limited experience of history, I know that no one who starts a movement ever comes out of the other end in good shape. They usually get killed by the authorities, their own followers or a cyanide capsule.

‘Living a happy life is about knowing how much of yourself you want to let people in on.’

I met the woman I love. And I would follow her anywhere. Including on Instagram and Twitter.

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