Miriam Makeba, The Crickets, Paul McCartney: My Albums of the Week #16

I would consider myself an “albums guy” and my taste in music is very varied. In this new feature, I list the albums that I listened to most intensely during the week. The list will include albums old and new, and the number of albums listened to every week will most likely vary on a week-to-week basis.


The Crickets
In Style with the Crickets
(Coral, 1960)

TRACKLIST (favorite tracks underlined): 1 – More Than I Can Say / 2 – Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu / 3 – Great Balls of Fire / 4 – Ting-a-Ling / 5 – Just This Once / 6 – Deborah / 7 – Baby, My Heart / 8 – When You Ask About Love / 9 – Time Will Tell / 10 – A Sweet Love / 11 – I Fought the Law / 12 – Love’s Made a Fool of You

If you like anything from The Beatles to The Velvet Underground, this is a missing link that begs to be rediscovered. A wonderful collection of Tex-Mex music, some of which are quite familiar. The album was released after Buddy Holly’s death and, to be honest, that central charismatic figure is lacking. Regardless, this still makes the list of comeback albums of its kind.


Paul McCartney
(Apple, 1970)

TRACKLIST (favorite tracks underlined): 1 – The Lovely Linda / 2 – That Would Be Something / 3 – Valentine Day / 4 – Every Night / 5 – Hot As Sun/Glasses / 6 – Junk / 7 – Man We Was Lonely / 8 – Oo You / 9 – Momma Miss America / 10 – Teddy Boy / 11 – Singalong Junk / 12 – Maybe I’m Amazed / 13 – Kreen-Akrore

Paul McCartney’s first post-Beatles album is like looking at a scrapbook of ideas, with a few fully formed songs in the mix. Not that that’s a bad thing. Far from it. It glows with a desire and excitement for a new start. And also shows that McCartney had still plenty of ideas and melodies roaming around his head.


Miriam Makeba
Pata Pata
(Reprise, 1967)

TRACKLIST (favorite tracks underlined): 1 – Pata Pata / 2 – Ha Po Zamani / 3 – What Is Love / 4 – Maria Fulo / 5 – Yetentu Tizaleny / 6 – Click Song Number One / 7 – Ring Bell, Ring Bell / 8 – Jol’inkomo / 9 – West Wind / 10 – Saduva / 11 – A Piece of Ground

Miriam Makeba is just wonderful. And for anybody who wants to know more about her music, which modernized music traditions of South Africa and the African diaspora, this just might be the best starting point. That’s also because it’s a mostly upbeat collection featuring some of her most famous songs, including the hit title track and a personal favorite of mine, “Click Song.”

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