5 clips from my podcast interview with art critic Martin Gayford

I recently spoke with British art critic and author Martin Gayford for my Matt’s Art Chat podcast series. We spoke about some of his books, including major biographies on Vincent Van Gogh and Michelangelo Buonarroti, and the world of the arts at large, as well as the origins of his interest in the arts.

Below are five clips from my interview with Gayford, and you can scroll to the very bottom of the page to listen to the full podcast.


1 – “Artists control the direction of the arts”

Over the years, Martin Gayford has concluded that, ultimately, it is the artists with strong character who control the direction of the arts more than economic or social factors.


2 – Writing about Vincent Van Gogh and posing for Lucien Freud

The first artist Gayford wrote prominently about was Vincent Van Gogh. And while he wrote the book, he posed for a Lucien Freud portrait. Somehow, the latter process ended up influencing the former, and here he talks about how that was.


3 – The difference between digital and physical art experiences

Here, Gayford offers his thoughts on the differences between experiencing art online as opposed to experiencing it in the physical world. This is something that he has written about in some of his work, including The Pursuit of Art.


4 – The benefits of a writers crisis

Gayford’s line of work requires him to shift from one art genre, form, movement and period to the next within a short space of time. Does this affect his focus and balance? He says it does. But somewhat surprisingly, he also believes that this is a necessary part of the process.


5 – Writing about Michelangelo

Gayford talks about what it was that prompted him to write his major biography on Italian renaissance artist Michelangelo and some of the challenges that make with undertaking such a major project.


Matt’s Art Chat is a series of podcast conversations about the arts with creators, curators, experts and art lovers from all over the world. You can listen to the full podcast conversation with Martin Gayford via the player below. The series is available on most media streaming platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, Podbean and more.

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