2021 Art Challenge: Four Simple Rules for Exploring Art in the New Year

Happy 2021. A new year of new challenges ahead. For many years now, I have made it a personal goal of mine to follow a set of rules and guidelines within my artistic explorations. They are very simple, sometimes challenging but also, infinitely rewarding.

I am sharing the challenge with you, with hopes that it will do you good also. In 2021, we vow to:
– watch one film a day;
– read one book a week;
– listen to three new music albums a week.

There is a third rule. That is to experience art physically at least once a week. This may be visiting an art gallery, exhibition or museum. Or going to a live performance of sorts. Or watching a film at the cinema.

Of course, while lockdown is enforced, live stream and online exhibitions will have to do. But going for a walk and taking the time to really look at some of the landmarks, monuments and architecture in your town would also count.

However, if you do decide to commit yourself to such pursuit of the arts, it may be the most beneficial thing that you can possibly do. If you feel the guidelines are too challenging for you to meet, adapt them to your own lifestyle.

The idea of pursuing art in this way is to open your mind. As such, it is an underlying ethos of the challenge to explore artworks as varied as possible — before it’s too late. In other words, if you end up doing monthly Star Wars marathons, you’ll be cheating no one but yourself.

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I'm an international journalist, reporter, website editor and content creator. I actively work for JAZZIZ Magazine and FRED Film Radio, collaborate with other websites and curate my own projects, including IN ARTE MATT and CineCola. I have also curated and produced my series of films in Galway, Ireland, and photo exhibition and arts events in various European countries. I have a working class background and have and have a postgrad degree in Film Theory + a BA in Film & TV.

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