7 great quotes from “Away with the Penguins” by Hazel Prior

I recently read Away With the Penguins by Hazel Prior, originally published in 2020 (and also known as How the Penguins Saved Veronica). A fine, feel-good novel with a tinge of care for environmentalism. While certainly more of a comfortable read than a particularly stimulating one, I appreciated its legitimate kind-hearted nature. And here are seven quotes from the book that particularly stood out to me.

And, like a window opening to sunlight and fresh summer air, it is there. My youth: tender, vivid, spread out before me. And even though I know it will hurt me three times over, I can’t help but read on.

The clock is ticking particularly loudly today. I dislike clocks but, like politicians and paracetamol, they have somehow made themselves indispensable in this world.

Don’t get me wrong. I do like people, I like them very much. I just can’t cope with them in huge quantities. I’m so aware of all those emotions, all those plans and dreams and longings. All those agendas. It’s like this massive overload to my system.

The girl beside me is so different to how I was at that age. She takes herself for granted, blithely heedless of the years of possibilities stacked up ahead of her. It doesn’t occur to her that they can all be wrecked by a single step in the wrong direction.

The reality of loss is hard to grasp. Mostly it’s like a story I’m reading that can’t possibly be true. Then realization comes in a blast of splinters, sharp and cruel, and my heart breaks all over again.

It may be that I’m only having a brief respite. But if I do live a little longer, there is no doubt about it: I’m going to have to review my opinion of everything.

There are three types of people in this world, Very. There are those who make the world worse, those who make no difference, and those who make the world better. Be one who makes the world better, if you can.

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